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At our core, we are a dynamic and versatile company that is driven by innovation and creativity. Our love for sports, technology, and entertainment has inspired us to create a one-of-a-kind brand that brings all three passions together under one roof. Our mission is to revolutionize the way people experience the world of sports, tech, and entertainment by delivering exceptional products and services that leave a lasting impact.

Medical Supplies and sporting goods and many more products you can
dream of!


Medical Supplies & Sporting Goods

Medical supplies from the top manufacturers like Vereburn, 3M, BSN, and many more

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Training Gear & Equipment

Train like the pros with CoreFX, TigerTail, SKLZ and many more

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From BioSteel to Ener-C and Solo Bars, we have everything you need to replenish your body.


Team Laundry

We got you covered with our laundry loops. Don't wait hours for your laundry. Laundry loops make it quick and easy

Design & print

Our expertise encompasses large format, small format printing, and digital services. Our extensive range of services include creating and printing marketing campaigns, developing digital footprints, and more. Additionally, we provide comprehensive website design services, including hosting, digital video creation and social media support. Our proven track record of guiding successful social media campaigns for companies, teams, and organizations is bolstered by our Hootsuite Certification. Our team of talented designers specializing in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are equipped to handle all of your design requests from creating websites to designing brochures, flyers and other print materials.

Looking for Mouthguards?

Check out our line of Fox40 products including mouthguards

Official Reseller of technology products and equipment

check out
our our new line of gloves

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Low prices

We provide affordable prices for all products.

Limitless Products

Wide variety of medical products, we have access to some of the biggest suppliers and can get any product.

Good support

Not sure what you need, our knowledgeable support is ready to help.

Convenient location

No matter where you are, we ship anywhere in Canada.


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Feel more relaxed and energized with

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Looking for something else, reach out to us. We don't just deal with Medical Supplies and Sporting Goods. We are an all around company and offer much more.

We are here to help!